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About Us

Word Play is located in Greenville, SC. 

We are a therapist-owned company, owned by two sisters who are both SLPs.  With our staff of over 15 therapists,  we offer pediatric speech therapy (ST), physical therapy (PT), and occupational therapy (OT).

We see kids in their natural environment (at their home, school, daycare, or preschool) or at our clinic located near downtown Greenville, off of Augusta Road. 

Our Philosphy

Our company philosophy is to address the child AND the family by including the parents and/or caregivers in the therapy goal-making decisions. Throughout therapy, we provide our families with easy-to-use ideas to address these goals in their daily routines. 

We believe in addressing the whole child, which means that we interact with everyone who interacts with the child on a regular basis. 

Our Staff

We might be biased, but we think our therapy team is the best in Greenville. We don't just add any therapist to our team. Word Play therapists are charismatic, creative, compassionate, and extremely gifted therapists. When you choose a Word Play therapist, you know you are getting some of the best therapy in Greenville. Most of the time, they become like a member of your family. 

Why Us?

There is a reason why "PLAY" is in our name. Our therapy sessions are fun, interactive, creative, and always changing. Our goal for our clients is to make their time with us seem more like play than therapy time. Our therapists work hard to provide goal-oriented activities that seem like play to the child, but really, they are working oh so hard on their therapy goals. We pride ourselves on offering goal-oriented, play-based therapy for kids of all ages. 


Cute Boy


We love Word Play and Mrs. Lauren. My son has come so far with her and sadly is almost ready to be finished with therapy. It's a happy-sad, because Lauren is so special to my son. We are so thankful to her and Word Play, and we will miss them terribly!

Girl Reading and Laughing


We were referred to Word Play through the BabyNet program. My daughter was saying maybe three words when she started with Mrs. Amy. Now, she runs around the house singing and almost never stops talking. She still has some things to work on, but I don't know where we would be without Mrs. Amy and Word Play. 

Portrait of a Boy with Glasses


My son, Archie, was born with Down syndrome. It was such a stressful, overwhelming time. Archie started seeing Ms. Heather when he was about six months old. She is now like a member of our family. Archie has come so far with her, and we can't wait to see how far he goes. Word Play sees Archie for OT and ST as well. He has a team of therapists second to none. We are so thankful.  

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