Located in Greenville, SC, we are a therapist-owned company whose number one focus is our client. We offer pediatric speech therapy (ST), physical therapy (PT), and occupational therapy (OT) in the home, daycare, preschool, clinic, and private school environments. 

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is to address the child AND the family by including the parents and/or caregivers in the therapy goal-making decisions. Throughout therapy, we provide our families with easy-to-use ideas to address these goals in their daily routines. 

We believe in addressing the whole child, which means that we interact with everyone who interacts with the child on a regular basis. 

Our Staff

Word Play therapists are experienced pediatric therapists with extensive knowledge in a wide range of deficits. 

All of our therapists have masters degrees. All are state licensed and hold their discipline's national certification. 

What makes us unique?

We provide services in the child's natural environment. The natural environment is a child-friendly environment in which the child spends most of his or her time and is comfortable and familiar with the setting. For some children, this may be their home, and for others, it may be their preschool or daycare. 

The concept of natural environment therapy is supported by research, which shows that children have better carryover of learned skills when seen in the natural environment. 

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