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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can refer my child for therapy?

A child can be referred for therapy by a parent, a physician, an early interventionist, dentist, psychologist, and more. 

Why would my child need therapy?

Therapy is indicated when developmental milestones are not met within an appropriate time frame and/or based on medical conditions.

Does my child need a physician's prescription for therapy?

If your child has Medicaid or BabyNet for funding, a prescription is required. If you plan to pay privately for services and do not plan to attempt to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company, a prescription is preferred but not required. 

What is the process for an evaluation? 

Once we receive the completed new client forms, the evaluation may be completed. After the evaluation, a plan of care is established, outlining therapy goals. The evaluation and plan of care are reviewed with the parent/caregiver, and a therapy schedule is determined. 

What is BabyNet?

BabyNet is an early intervention program in South Carolina for children ages birth to 3. Word Play is a BabyNet provider. If your child qualifies for BabyNet, the services for which your child qualifies is covered by BabyNet. BabyNet offers a wide range of services, including service coordination and early intervention. 

How often will my child be seen for therapy?

The frequency of therapy will depend on the results of your child's evaluation. Most of the time, children are seen one time per week. If needed, the therapist may suggest two times per week. Most sessions are one hour each. 

Will therapy be in a group of individual?

Word Play offers individual sessions. We do not typically offer group sessions. 

Does Word Play accept private insurance?

Word Play does not bill private insurance, unless your child has Medicaid or BabyNet. If your child does not have either of these funding sources, your child is considered a private pay client. Private pay clients pay for their services themselves. If you would like to file with your insurance company to obtain reimbursement, you can do so using the information on your monthly invoice. It is important to note that our private pay rates are extremely affordable and often end up costing less than meeting a deductible or co-pay requirements on your insurance. 

Does Word Play provide services in schools?

Yes, Word Play goes on-site to many different private schools and preschools in the Greenville area. Please call to see if we serve your child's school...odds are that we do, or we can certainly start!

What do I do if I want my child to be evaluated?

You can call us at (864) 370-0131 or email us at

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